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See Our Conversion Packages Below


  • Markup Page based on HTML/CSS

  • Full Responsive Enhancement for Phones and Tablets

  • Mobile Device Testing included

  • 3 business days delivery (per page)

  • Maximum of 5 pages per order

  • $149
  • after first page / $249 for the first page
  • Add to Cart

Wordpress Theme

  • Full and Final Wordpress Theme Files Required (.zip or .rar)

  • Full Responsive Enhancement for Phones and Tablets

  • Mobile Device Testing included

  • 4 business days delivery

  • Maximum of 1 Theme per order


Dreamweaver™ Template

  • Adobe® Dreamweaver™ Template Page Required (.dwt)

  • Full Responsive Enhancement for Phones and Tablets

  • Mobile Device Testing included

  • 3 business days delivery (per page)

  • Maximum of 3 pages per order

  • What Mobile Devices will my Website work with?

    Your Website will be Responsive to virtually all Smartphones and Tablets in existence. If you find any contemporary device it is not Responsive in, we'll make sure it is, and for free of charge.

  • What is the Turnaround Time?

    The standard turnaround time for a regular HTML page is 3 business days; for a Wordpress Theme, it is 4 business days; and for Dreamweaver™ template page, it's 3 business days. However, this does not mean we can't deliver in less time. If you are requesting conversion for multiple pages, we can usually do them in less time than if we were to take the aggregate on a page-by-page basis.

  • Do you offer Discounts?

    Yes, we do offer discounts for repeat customers making up-front, medium- to long-term commitments, or who have bulk projects. The actual discount will be determined after we've had a chance to review your project. We may also be able to offer discounts to NGOs subject to workload. Please contact us directly for more information.

  • Do you alter the design of the Page?

    Yes and No. Yes, your Website will look a little different on Mobile Devices (especially Smartphones); No, we do not significantly alter the original design markup of the Website, so most of your Website elements will remain unchanged e.g. logos, etc.

  • How about Page elements like Menus?

    Yes, we will ensure that the visual page elements function well on Mobile Devices. So if there is a need to make a simple menu workable on Mobile Devices, we will do so at no extra charge. Complex page element conversions may incur extra costs.

  • Do you clean up Markup or Code?

    No, we are not able to validate your HTML markup or any code. During the conversion, we do not usually add any extra HTML markup to your page, except in certain instances where we require <id> tags on certain elements on your page.

  • What Source Files do you require?

    Basically, we need all the files required for viewing your original Website in a Browser. For HTML Page, this would be .htm or .html, and .css files; for Wordpress Theme, this would be the entire theme folder including .php files and especially the style.css file; for Dreamweaver™ Template, this would be the .dwt file as well as all associated .css files.

  • How do you deliver the completed files?

    We deliver the final files via secure sharing on Dropbox. We can also send you the files via email if you like. All files are delivered in .zip archive file with the exact file structure you delivered the original. So basically, you can just take the files and upload [or synchronize].

  • Can I make any changes?

    Yes, we are very happy to help with any minor adjustments or amendments to the text content of your original Web design. However, we cannot usually make changes relating to the actual Web design or how it works e.g. graphics, functionality, etc. Please contact us directly to discuss options.

  • Is this service automated?

    No, we painstakingly review everything and make all changes by hand after said reviews. In addition, we test the new Web pages/themes/templates to ensure that they work on virtually all Mobile Devices. You can honestly be sure of the highest quality service.

  • What kind of Payments do you accept?

    Via this Website, we accept all major credit cards, and also Paypal™. Wire or Check payments are available upon request for existing customers, or for projects where payments exceed $1,000.

  • Any More Questions?

    Please email us via and we'll try our very best to sort out any issues you might have regarding this service. We usually respond within 3 hours during working hours (9 A.M to 5 P.M.), and 24 hours otherwise.